The municipality of Vlaardingen

“Managing the desktops has been simplified by the VDI-Infrastructure, and the system availability has been increased. The TCO of the systems have decreased significantly.

“The use of a VDI-infrastructure based on VMware and with the VDI-Appliance at the heart was a great succes for the municipalities of Best and Veldhoven.”

– Willem van der Meer, Systeembeheerder

Water board district Vallei en Veluwe

“Due to this virtualisation-project, the workload has decreased significantly. The Management has become clearer and way easier. I can now manage everything from just one console ”

“When you look at the costs, it is a very successful project. Compared to the old situation, there is a 50% savings on the hardware.”

– Willem van der Meer, System administrator

Municipality of Capelle a/d IJssel

“The main advantage is that the heavy graphic users are able to work anywhere in the office. But there is another pleasant advantage. It means that all of our users have access to more powerful desktops.”

“Soon all of our employees will be able to watch HD Video. That’s a nice perk for all users.”

– Djaswan Poenai, Desktop administrator

Penta College:

“The IT-team manages the Zero Clients centrally, using the Teradici PCoIP Management Console. Deploying and managing Zero Clients now is a piece of cake!”

“Lower energy consumption supports Penta College’s commitment to environmental sustainabilty. Consuming 95% less power is also a serious cost savings when you have thousands of devices.”

– Leo Smit, IT-manager